Open: Resources and Pedagogy

OER Continuous Improvement Cycle
Image: CC Attribute by Mathieu Plourde 

Open Educational Resources promise to help keep student textbook and materials costs to a manageable level.  When many textbooks cost more than $200 education is becoming increasingly inaccessible with the cost being passed not only to students but also to the institution and the taxpayers.  This leads to the need for a robust approach to OER programs.

Development of an OER Program can not be considered a “one and done” type of endeavor.  The organization cannot expect faculty and staff to merely create enough materials to satisfy the needs of a grant or initiative to call it successful.  Successful OER programs engage their faculty and staff through a continuous improvement cycle.  Mathieu Plourde, the creator of the image above, provides a great example of a three part model that includes Course Continuous Improvement, a Personal Learning Network, and ongoing Faculty Development.

Open Pedagogy is a new approach to instruction and instructional design proposed by David Wiley an Open Education pioneer and Education Technologist.  Open Pedagogy is the active utilization of the Open ethos of DIY, creative engagement, and sharing of content.